Many industrial processes use both electricity and heat, the delivery costs of which can be a heavy burden for industrial plants. Therefore, the best solution is to use the same fuel to generate two energy carriers (electricity and heat). Importantly, cogeneration – i.e. combined heat and energy production allows to increase the efficiency of source fuel consumption in comparison with their separate production, which in turn allows to reduce the costs of paid bills and reduce the level of CO2 emissions. Hot exhaust gases can be used to produce steam with parameters tailored to the needs of the industrial plant or cold in the form of the chilled water – which can be successfully used for air conditioning, for example, in offices in the summer.

If an additional heat exchanger is installed in the exhaust gas, it is worth considering the installation of an exhaust gas treatment system that ensures compliance with environmental standards, a system that, thanks to the possibility of installing the exchanger in an integrated housing with SCR inserts or DPF filters, guarantees that the available back pressure limit will not be exceeded.