Nitrogen oxides have a negative impact on the environment and human life.

They can be removed in the process of selective reduction catalysis in which an aqueous urea solution is injected into the hot exhaust gas, the end result of which is the conversion of nitrogen oxides into non-toxic nitrogen and steam. The modern industry based on diesel and gas combustion is struggling with a significant problem which is the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) to the atmosphere. Our SCR systems have been designed with efficiency and ergonomics in mind, which, combined with the use of the best quality materials allow us to meet the most stringent emission limits. Proven construction ensuring operational reliability. Thanks to the closed-loop dosing system, we can be sure that the urea consumption is at the lowest level enabling the reduction of NOx, which directly translates into a reduction in operating costs. Computational fluid mechanics tools help us determine the most convenient place to install the urea dosing nozzle.