Counteracting climate change and the fight to maintain biodiversity should now be a priority for industry.

Therefore, at Ecoexhaust, we work with a sense of a mission. We are an experienced engineering company specialized in providing efficient exhaust gas cleaning systems. We ensure the equipment will comply with  emission standards wherever chemicals that are harmful to the environment are a side effect.

Ecology as a requirement of modern times:
exhaust gas treatment system

We supply standardized DPF particulate filters and OXY oxidation catalysts. Our field of activity also includes the reduction of NOX nitrogen oxides, which we achieve through the use of SCR systems.

Industrial technologies are a great engineering achievement, but in the era of air pollution threats and scientists’ alarms, the need to reduce emissions of volatile pollutants and particulate matter, e.g. using OXY catalysts or DPF filters, becomes a necessity for the entire planet.

Safe and cleaner – the range of our activity

By installing a DPF particulate filter, an OXY oxidation catalyst, or trying to reduce nitrogen oxides NOX using the SCR system, the companies cooperating with us are able to meet stringent environmental standards. But we offer much more: solutions for inland and sea navigation, fertilization of plants with carbon dioxide or exhaust gas cleaning systems for power generators.

Ecoexhaust services, including the reduction of the concentration of nitrogen oxides NOX, all research and installation processes, including consultancy and support for cooperating entities, are at the highest European level.

The systems we design help to meet stringent standards, and at the same time strongly contribute to the improvement of the natural environment.

Ecoexhaust provides modern solutions for areas such as:

  • power generators
  • maritime industry
  • inland shipping
  • greenhouses
  • cogeneration
  • data center.

Let's take a closer look at the proposed solutions

Power Generators

We create functional exhaust gas cleaning systems for power generators powered by fuel or gas, equipped with efficient particulate filters, oxidation catalysts or SCR catalysts. Emergency power units of this type are perfect, for example, in a data center.

Maritime industry, inland navigation

In the case of the maritime and inland navigation industry, we use SCR and DPF technologies, which guarantee the reduction of toxic emissions into the atmosphere and compliance with the latest IMO regulations.


Our systems are also ideal for greenhouse cultivation. Plants are fertilized there with carbon dioxide, which accelerates their growth.


Cogeneration, in turn, is an excellent way to effectively reduce fuel consumption, as useful heat and electricity are produced simultaneously in the same process. By using SCR catalysts in a cogeneration system, we are able to increase the efficiency of the engine, while complying with environmental standards.


Our systems reduce PM particles, nitrogen oxides NOx, CO oxides, HC hydrocarbons contained in the exhaust gas and allow to meet emission standards (ie IMO tier III or Stage V). After determining the emission standard to be met, we proceed to measure current exhaust emission from the engine (or we are basing on data provided by the manufacturer) and determine the place of installation of the system.

Based on these data, we design and deliver the ordered exhaust gas cleaning system. We conduct the installation, after that we proceed together to the acceptance test.

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