Ecoexhaust is a engineering company that designs and builds exhaust aftertreatment systems . We help our customers meet the most stringent emission standards.

Our experience allows us to select the appropriate exhaust gas treatment technology for each industry. Proper selection of the parameters of a given operating system allows to minimize costs while maintaining high treatment efficiency.

Modern industry is extremely diverse and requires a diverse offer. We design each of our projects individually. Taking into account the operating characteristics of a given engine, the type of fuel it is powered by and, most importantly, the customer’s requirements, we are able to obtain satisfactory results in such dynamically developing sectors as cogeneration and CO2 greenhouse fertilization as well as in power generating industries (emergency aggregates, biogas engines) or in sectors related to transport (maritime industry, inland navigation).

Thanks to innovative design support tools, internal testing and company management, we are able to offer the highest quality and competitive prices.